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What is Manna?

WHO is Benashay® Gourmet Manna?

 What kind of food is it?

That’s what everyone initially ask.

  • Is it pudding?
  • Is it a mousse?
  • Is it like a custard?
  • Is it yogurt?
  • Is it an ice cream?

Well, honestly Benashay® Manna is a comfort food for the soul.

It is a delicious and tasty uniquely formulated cookie and cream dessert that miraculously gives you a sense of tasting something that is TRULY GOOD.

Benashay® Manna is like a pudding, a mousse and an ice cream that contains real fruits such as bananas and strawberries or it may contain chocolate, carmel and nuts such as pecans and pistachios.

If you love limes and lemons, there is a Benashay® Manna for you too.

Benashay® Manna is like down home cooking made especially for each and everyone to experience.

  • The taste of Benashay® Manna connects you to someone or takes you back into emotions that are truly good for your heart and satisfying to your soul.

Some say it reminds you of your grandma or mother’s special dish.

But most of all, Benashay® Manna reminds you of your good experiences in life.

Good old memories, a cheerful laughter about a good relationship or a funny time with a good old friend.

Some say it reminds you of the happy times when you were a kid enjoying your favorite candy or sweet tooth and wouldn’t even share it with your best friend.

  • The surprising taste of Benashay® Manna is a delicious treat that truly feeds the soul.

When you feeling stressed, it makes you feel at ease.

  • Benashay® Manna connects you to an expression of hope and relieve.
  • Benashay® Manna connects you to a word of encouragement and takes you to your own peaceful place that only each individual knows.

Every nationality we know, loves our Gourmet Manna.

Manna brings people together. It makes people start talking about it.

And people are saying that Benashay® Gourmet Manna is GOOD!

Benashay® Gourmet Manna is the next generation product line of gourmet desserts and hybrid delicacies that have been derived from the original family recipes of the Price family and served throughout the local neighborhood community on the Southside of Chicago at our family restaurant known as “Dovetta’s”.

Benashay® was derived from the popular nicknames given to one of the daughters of the late Bishop Dr. Reese Price Jr. and her husband as children. 

As they became one in marriage, as entreprenuers, they joined together as Benashay® to fulfilll another dream to commerically produce and serve one of the BEST tasting and delicious American homemade desserts to the world.

Benashay® Gourmet Manna desserts are a comfort food to the soul and are made from the finest ingredients and flavors and is manufactured and distributed by their company, Jones International Inc.

In 2012, Jones International Inc. officially became the owner of the Benashay® Gourmet Manna trademark and is now the sole manufacturer, distributor and marketing company to sell and promote our delicious and tasty desserts to world.

So look for the official Benashay® Gourmet Manna label at your neighbor store.

     "And if you can't find it, tell the store manager to call us at (219) 940-5220 to order Benashay® Gourmet Manna desserts Today" . . . because they Taste So Good they literally SELL THEMSELVES!!

We are truly working hard to build our client list and distribution channel from local convenience stores to Supermarkets to fast-food restaurants to hotels and more to create a demand for our delicious and tasty gourmet desserts.

Businesses, schools and organizations of all sizes are currently looking into how our Benashay® Gourmet Manna product line can best fit into and enhance their revenue opportunities and generate REAL PROFITS as a GREAT Fundraising Idea!

Our manufacturing and distribution facility is located in Northwest Indiana one block away from the Gary Railcats U.S. Steel Yard Stadium.

Benashay® Gourmet Mannais an exciting new product that has been well received throughout the Chicagoland area and is vastly becoming a new hybrid delicacy that is in strong demand and it’s now sold in your local retail stores.

The Benashay® Gourmet Manna inspiration began as a dream, the dream became reality and to achieve the reality has become unstoppable.

Our Mission.

"Dream, Believe & Achieve"

  • Our dream is that Benashay® Gourmet Mana will be a preferred national brand by the end of 2014.

  • We believe in our dreams.

  • We achieve our dreams by maintaining the highest production standards and finest quality in each Benashay® Gourmet Manna product.

  • Our achievements succeed with Colleagues and Associates with the Daily Purpose to Keep Every Customer and Community we serve, Happy.